News: Participate in our Scientific Poster Competition

30-06-2019 • Separation Science Mass Spectrometry


Breathomics 2019 in Manchester

Separation Science Poster Competition – UK and Ireland
Registration Deadline: 30th June 2019

LECO UK have launched a scientific poster competition for all separation science users in Ireland and the UK. We spoke to Alan Griffiths, Separation Science Product Specialist: “I am really excited to see what everyone has to offer. LECO UK Separation Science is expanding rapidly and many of our customers are at the cutting edge of science, breaking new ground and pushing our understanding of the World forward. There are many instruments used by multiple people so I expect the posters will cover a very wide variety of ideas from biomarker discovery to more efficient analysis techniques. We have users studying air, water, earth and fire – although the fire is effectively studied with the safety of pyrolysis. I can’t wait to see the results.”

Posters will be presented at the soon to be announced 2019 LECO UK Symposium in Manchester. You can register now and start preparing your ideas and work for your poster. Registrants are not obliged to complete a poster, so users are better off entering now to avoid missing out.

Register for information and particulars now