SX100M Series Benchtop Sectioning Machine

Benchtop Sectioning Machine SX100

Convenient easy-to-operate control panel

Control Panel SX100

Electronic mechanical braking system

SX100 electronic mechanical braking system


The latest sectioning machine to enter our lineup is the efficient benchtop SX100M. It is an ideal solution for a number of sectioning applications, including bar stock, castings, fasteners, tungsten carbide, composite materials, electronic components, weldments, and more. The approximate max sample cut diameter is 2.75 inches with a up to a 10 in (250 mm) blade and a 3 HP (2.2 kW) motor with integrated electronic mechanical breaking system.



  • Radial arm for manual sectioning with user-friendly working height
  • Base aluminum casting with steel hood and safety lock
  • Integrated 6.6 gallon recirculating tank
  • Sloped floor for efficient coolant flow and minimal debris build-up
  • Optional cam lock vises Highlights
  • Convenient easy-to-operate control panel
  • Electronic mechanical braking system

Options & models


Various options are available for this product. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.

230V SX100 Sectioning Machine