MSX432 Series Sectioning Machine


Metallographic Consumables

High-quality metallographic consumables from LECO are specially formulated to meet your laboratory needs

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The LECO MSX305 Series sectioning machine The MSX432 is designed for sectioning large samples of high-alloy and hardened materials. Short contact times per stroke coupled with intense cooling provide the cold-cutting effects required for microstructural examination (17-inch blade capacity; 20.1 HP motor).

Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced spindle design offers long life and precise sectioning
  • Welded steel construction for the production environment
  • Large T-slotted table for flexible sample fixturing
  • Channeled coolant drainage provides high flow rates and minimal debris build-up
  • Integrated Y-table for convenient parallel sectioning
  • Optional magnetic filter for ferrous environments
  • Optional laser
  • Isolated table design (X-axis) prevents contamination of linear slides

Options & models


Each instrument can be configured to meet your individual lab needs. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.
MSX422A1 Automatic, with Y-table