LECO/ Fiehn Library Metabolomics Library



The LECO/Fiehn Metabolomics Library, when combined with the LECO GC-TOFMS instruments and ChromaTOF® software, becomes the perfect tool for metabolite identification.

Over 1,100 spectra of 700 unique metabolites are contained within the library, along with retention indices based on a series of fatty acid methyl esters.  The library is fully integrated within ChromaTOF, working smoothly with the software’s Library Search feature to automatically identify potential analyte matches without importing or exporting data. Developed through a unique partnership with Dr. Oliver Fiehn, this extensive and expandable library was obtained using a LECO Pegasus GC-TOFMS at Dr. Fiehn’s own laboratory at the University of California-Davis.

Benefits of LECO Feihn Metabolomics Library :

  • Fully integrated into ChromaTOF software, it’s the perfect tool for metabolite identification.
  • Largest GC-TOFMS Metabolomics Library commercially available.
  • Superior to libraries developed using quadrupole GC-MS due to information rich data acquired and utilized by the Pegasus GC-TOFMS.
  • Links to the PubChem online database, providing an opportunity for the user to gain even more detailed information on structures of less familiar underivatized compounds.
  • Improved spectra library matches that are visually easy to identify thanks in part to a spectral cut within ChromaTOF that eliminates the abundant m/z 73 for the trimethylsilyl group
  • Assists users identifying the hundreds of metabolites detected through deconvolution of coeluting peaks