844 Series Carbon and Sulphur in Inorganic Materials by the Combustion


Touch interface

Cornerstone software with touch interface enables complete access to instrument operation and safe valuable bench space.

Complete Diagnostic

Automated diagnostic helps in troubleshooting reducing down-time

Automated Sample Loader

Optional 60-position sample loader provide unattended operation.

Cornerstone Mobile

LECO Cornerstone Mobile Application


Option provides access to data, plots, and instrument status from your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer


LECO combined our customers’ feedback with innovative engineering to develop the CS844, an elemental analyser designed for wide-range measurement of carbon and sulphur content of primary steels, ores, finished metals, ceramics, and other inorganic materials using the combustion technique.

The instrument complies with many approved standard test methods, like ISO 9556, ISO 10719, ASTM E1941, ASTM E1019 and many others.

Our exclusive MS Windows®-based software, coupled with a boom-mounted touch interface, gives you complete access to instrument control, analysis settings, diagnostics, reporting, and more—without sacrificing valuable bench space.


  • LECO High-Efficiency Combustion Furnace is perfectly suited for all applications
  • State-of-the art IR detection Cell Design for ultimate precision and stability of results
  • Modern Cornerstone software : easy of use with reach functionality
  • Reliable Automation available for increased workload
  • Well engineered ergonomics and convenience of use


High-Efficiency Combustion Furnace

  • Combusts a wider variety of samples more efficiently
  • Low-maintenance design allows for more frequent analyses without regular cleaning
  • Reduces the need for additional accelerant, lowering the cost-per-analysis

Improved IR Cell Design

  • Increased precision for more accurate results
  • Easily interchangeable, with drop-and-go capabilities
  • Increased stability throughout use and lifetime of the cell
  • Dual-detector configuration for both carbon and sulfur

Reliable Automation Available

  • 10- and 60-position shuttle loaders or integrated robotic process loaders available
  • Autoloader is the perfect solution for high-throughput laboratories requiring unattended analyses
  • High-efficiency autocleaner/vacuum system keeps maintenance to a minimum
  • Automatic combustion tube service and exchange system

Improved ergonomics

  • Boom-mounted touch interface for improved ergonomics and intuitive operation
  • Pressure-compensated and temperature-controlled gas dose system
  • Novel flowpath plumbing minimizes connections to make/break/leak


LECO’s versatile instrumentation can be used to perform a wide range of applications. Please find below a selection of application notes for the most popular applications. Contact our sales and application specialists for more details.

Carbon and Sulfur Determination in Limestone/Dolomite

Carbon / Sulfur Determination in CaCO3 / Dolomite/ LimestoneLearn more...

Sulfur Determination in Ultra Low Sulfur Steel, Nickel, and Superalloys

The LECO CS844ES with a detection limit of approximately 0.1 μg of sulfur expands the capability of the combustion technique to levels previously limited to GD-MS. The following application note outlines the settings and steps required to determine ultra-low levels of sulfur in steel, nickel, and superalloys.Learn more...

Determination of Carbon and Sulfur in Cast Iron

The following application note outlines the settings and steps required to determine the carbon and sulfur levels in cast iron with the CS/C/S844 series of elemental analyzers. With its simultaneous carbon and sulfur detection capability and easy-to-use touch-screen interface, the CS844 carbon and sulfur by combustion analyzer makes the perfect addition to any foundry laboratory.Learn more...

Determination of Carbon and Sulfur in Fluorspar

Carbon is one of the impurities in fluorspar that must be determined, and can be in the form of carbonates or organic carbon. The LECO CS844, when equipped with the optional halogen trap, provides a fast and accurate means of determining the amount of total carbon in fluorspar, and can be set to automatically calculate the approximate carbon as CaCO3 in the sample. The following application note outlines the sample preparation steps, analytical procedure, and provides examples of typical results.Learn more...

Determination of Carbon In Nitrides by LECO C844

The determination of carbon in nitrides by LECO 844 series analyzer is a quick and direct measurement of nitride purity.Learn more...

Determination of Carbon and Sulfur in Tungsten Carbide

The LECO CS844 series carbon and sulfur elemental analyzer is ideally suited for the simultaneous determination of carbon and sulfur in tungsten carbide with its high precision for carbon and low level detection for sulfur.Learn more...

Determination of Sulfur in Ore Concentrate

The following application note outlines the setting and steps required to determine the sulfur level in ore concentrates with the LECO CS844 or S844.Learn more...

Refractory and Reactive Metals by C844

Determination of Carbon in Refractory and Reactive Metals by LECO C844. Ref: 203-821-472Learn more...

Metal-Bearing Ores

Carbon and Sulfur in Metal-Bearing Ores and Related Materials by LECO CS844. Ref: 203-821-463Learn more...

Copper and Copper Alloys

Sulfur in Copper Base MaterialsLearn more...

Nickel-Base, Cobalt-Base Alloys

Carbon and Sulfur in Iron, Steel, Nickel-Base, and Cobalt-Base AlloysLearn more...

Nickel-Base, Cobalt-Base Alloys

Carbon and Sulfur in Steel, Nickel-Base, and Cobalt-Base AlloysLearn more...


Carbon Determination in Tungsten CarbideLearn more...

Options & models


Various options are available for this product. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.
10 Position Shuttle Loader LECO Shuttle10 is designed to automate the sequential or non-sequential processing of up to 10 preweighed samples
60 Position Shuttle Loader The system consists of an expandable carousel stack featuring six stackable carousels that hold ten samples each
SmartLine diagnostic LECO's convenient internet-based Remote Diagnostics system


Each instrument can be configured to meet your individual lab needs. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.
CS844 Simultaneous carbon/sulfur determination.
C844 For accurate carbon-only determination, choose the C844.
S844 For accurate sulphur-only determination, choose the S844.