ChromaTOF HRT ChromaTOF Software for High Resolution Mass Spectrometry



Elite high resolution Time of Flight (TOF) MS instruments offering ground breaking mass accuracies need equally innovative and powerful software tools.  Designed to deliver high-value and high-integrity mass spectral signal acquisition LECO’s ChromaTOF HRT single software platform uses patented KADAS™ technology.  Offering minimal high resolution mass spectral file sizes improves data handling strategies of such information rich acquisitions.  Importantly, accurate peak identification is accomplished by pairing these advances in acquisition technology with LECO’s exclusive ChromaTOF-HRT™ True Signal Deconvolution (TSD®) algorithms.

Benefits of LECO ChromaTOF HRT:

  • Vastly increase multiple metabolite identifications automatically, ideal for discovery strategies
  • Versatile data acquisition modes guided by logical work flow methods
  • Highly advantageous automated unknown analyte peak finding algorithms
  • Flexible target analysis and screening strategies from one sample injection
  • Usable high data acquisition rates: 200 spectra per second written to disc
  • Unequivocally identify impurities with confidence
  • Confident analyte identification from accurate recording of isotopic patterns
  • No data export into external software for data deconvolution
  • Automated Peak Find and True Signal Deconvolution® Algorithms
  • Minimal data file sizes of full-mass range ultra high resolution mass spectra
  • Precise clean & clear automated peak table generation for target only analysis


The ChromaTOF HRT software package supports GC-HRT hardware providing a common interface and data processing functionality across the LECO Separation Science product line.  Using a single and easy-to-use platform means continuity in the laboratory and releases operators from the burden of learning a plethora of different software packages.

Metabolite Identification (Met ID) using ChromaTOF HRT

  • Automatically detect and extract previously unobserved metabolites buried beneath sample matrices or other interfering analytes with ease.
  • Extendable and wide concentration calibration curves provide rich isotopic signatures in very broad samples containing unknown analytes
  • Confirm metabolite identification using easy mass spectral library searches optimised by acquisition of full-mass range raw data
  • Successful monitoring of tissue metabolomics and disease state by taking advantage of structural confirmation from accurate fragment ion mass determination
  • Eliminate false positives by scheduling MSc2 strategies for signal enhancement, while retaining the ability for comprehensive data acquisition and retrospective data evaluation.  Ideal for drug metabolism research

Target Analyte strategies using ChromaTOF HRT

  • Unlimited calibration points over a wide dynamic concentration range are easily achieved
  • Eliminate background interferences and significantly improve selective targeting of PCBs
  • Remove the burden of manual data interrogation of trace components in complex mixtures with automated reporting of target-analyte-only peak tables
  • Easy analyte extraction using True Signal Deconvolution (TSD®), excellent when screening for PCBs in oil matrix of food and health supplements.
  • Discover untargeted POPs without any additional data acquisition using the power of retrospective data analysis methods

Accurate Determination and Identification using ChromaTOF HRT

  • User friendly Mass Calculator gives relative response of isotopes
  • Identify drug metabolites based on well-characterized fragment ions acquired and deconvolution strategies of ChromaTOF® HRT
  • Improve mass spectral interpretation with clean precursor and product ions using True Signal Deconvolution algorithms
  • Detect and identify unknown, illicit drugs and their metabolites in complex matricies using flexible data processing strategies
  • Speed up the search of designer drugs with pre-defined diagnostic and characteristic fragment ion references included into data processing methods

Petroleomics using ChromaTOF HRT

  • Accurate quantification of sulphur containing compounds by deconvolving unique mass traces even in the most complex of samples such as crude oil
  • Reduce multiple sample injections using extendable wide concentration range calibration options
  • Enhance selectivity and achieve instant answers using pre-defining ultra-high resolution data acquisition strategies with automated data processing methods.
  • Classify and characterise complex oil samples with automated data processing tools
  • Overcome matrix effects masking very low concentration poisonous heteroatomic species using flexible ultra high resolution modes combined with automated TSD® all under the control of ChromaTOF HRT
  • Simplify petroleum and fuel characterisation using elemental formula determinations, exact mass calculations and spectral library similarity searches.
  • Provide a comprehensive sample profile coupled with high quality spectral data in a single acquisition.


LECO’s versatile instrumentation can be used to perform a wide range of applications. Please find below a selection of application notes for the most popular applications. Contact our sales and application specialists for more details.

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