832 Series Sulfur and Carbon Analysis by Combustion

Sulfur and Carbon Analysis by Combustion

Available automation

832 with autoloader

Optional autoloader for sequential or non-sequential analysis of up to 100 pre-weighed samples

Novel furnace design

up to 1550°C with high efficiency, perfect control and low energy consumption

Up to 1550°C with high efficiency, perfect control and low energy consumption.


Cornerstone software with touch interface enables complete access to instrument operation and safe valuable bench space.

Reusable ceramic boats

Large open surface area facilitates sample handling and assures efficient combustion.


LECO’s 832 series will redefine the way you determine sulfur and carbon in a wide variety of organic and some inorganic materials. Using extensive customer feedback and innovative engineering, our latest instrumentation takes advantage of an on-board software platform powered by a touch-screen interface, increasing usability and operational control without using valuable bench space.

Having LECO’s traditionally convenient and rugged design powered by exclusive Cornerstone software the new 832 series is a valuable resource for any laboratory needing fast and accurate analysis in compliance with ASTM approved methods.



Novel High-Efficiency Furnace

  • New 832 series is very convenient and cost effective in operation
  • Horizontal high temperature furnace with intelligent control can reach temperature up to 1550°C
  • Novel design optimizes furnace efficiency lowering energy consumption below 1000W
  • Due to reduced electric power consumption and perfect insulation, the heat released to the lab environment is dramatically minimized

 Enhanced analytical performance

  • A ceramic lance directs oxygen directly onto the sample to ensure rapid analysis time, complete combustion, and recovery
  • Extremely wide dynamic range allows analyze samples containing few ppm up to pure sulfur or graphite
  • Fast, less 120 seconds analysis time
  • Temperature stabilized IR cells construction with optimized emitter/detector circuitry improves cell lifetime, low blank, low drift providing long-term stability

Ergonomic Design

  • Intuitive, well organized LECO’s exclusive Cornerstone brand software
  • Touch-screen interface increases usability and operational control reducing bench space requirements
  • Improved accessibility for maintenance areas and components with quick release features make routine maintenance operations very convenient saving time.
  • To enhance safety and convenience, the dual reagent tubes and rotometers are located on the front side of the instrument

Gain productivity with automation

  • New generation autoloader for up to 100 pre-weighed samples offers nearly 4 hours of unattended operation
  • Removable trays for 10 samples enables high flexibility in sequential or non-sequential operation
  • Rugged design for improved reliability and minimal maintenance


LECO's 832 Series of Elemental Determinators are specifically designed to perform carbon and sulfur analysis of a wide variety of organic materials such as coal, coke, lubricants, fuel oils, and many inorganic materials like soils, cements and limestone.
Analysis begins as about 250mg of sample is weighed into a combustion boat, and placed in a pure oxygen environment typically regulated at 1350C. The sample combusts, releasing carbon as CO2 gas with the sulfur forms being oxidized and released as SO2 gas. Evolved gases are pumped through individual IR detectors for precise measurement of each element. The concentration of unknown samples is determined relative to calibration standards. Results calculated, stored, and displayed.




  • Large reusable ceramic boats with open surface area facilitate ease of sample handling and efficient sample combustion
  • Simple, fast, accurate sulfur/carbon determination using Individual wide range IR detectors simplifies set up and calibration
  • LECO Cornerstone® Brand Software enables complete access to analysis control, method settings, diagnostics, reporting, and more
  • Optional boom-mounted touch-screen interface promotes an ergonomic workspace while reducing system bench space requirements
  • Optional dual-range (DR) detection for sulfur offers the widest sulfur range for the most demanding applications
  • Optional Performance Package (P) adds an instrument leak check feature and an electronic back pressure control , increasing reliability and improving long-term stability
  • Cornerstone Brand Software mobile option provides access to data, plots, and instrument status from your Smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer


LECO’s versatile instrumentation can be used to perform a wide range of applications. Please find below a selection of application notes for the most popular applications. Contact our sales and application specialists for more details.

S832 Sulfur Determination in Rubber

Sulfur in rubber determination with a high temperature tube furnace is shown in this application note.Learn more...


This method describes the Carbon/Sulfur analysis of soda lime glass with a high temperature tube furnace without accelerator.Learn more...

Determination of Sulfur in Fertilizers

Sulfur Determination in FertilizersLearn more...

Sulfur In Hydrocarbons By High Temperature Combustion

Sulfur in determination by High Temperature Combustion and IR Detection (ASTM D1552) is applicable to petroleum products with boiling point above 177C including diesel fuel, residual fuels, lubricating oils containing additives, and in additive concentrates.Learn more...

Sulfur and Carbon Determination in Cement, Clay, Fly Ash, Limestone, Soil, and Ore

In this application note you can learn about the process for this analysis, including sample preparation, method parameters, procedure, and more. LECO SC832 shows perfect performance on inorganic materials.Learn more...

Simultaneous Sulfur and Carbon in Coal and Coke

This application note outlines the optimum setting and steps required for simultaneous determine Sulfur/Carbon in Coke and Coal by LECO SC832.Learn more...

Sulphur in Coal and Coke

This application note outlines outstanding performance and excellent precision of new LECO 832 series elemental analyzers for sulfur level determination in accordance with ASTM D4239.Learn more...

Options & models


Various options are available for this product. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.

Monitor (M)

Instrument mounted touch-screen and six-axis boom mount

Performance Pack (P)

Adds enhanced diagnostic features and back pressure control

Pack with Autoloader (L)

Automates the sequential or non-sequential analysis of up to 100 pre-weighed samples


Each instrument can be configured to meet your individual lab needs. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.


Simultaneous Sulfur/Carbon Determinator


Sulfur only Determinator


Dual Range Sulfur


Dual Range Sulfur with Carbon


Carbon only Determinator