Analytical Solutions for Cement


In cement-related quality challenges, count on LECO Analytical Solutions

The manufacturing process creates daily challenges for quality control in cement production. Whatever it is you need to control, be it limestone or gypsum, raw meal, clinker or  finished cement, fossil or alternative fuels, LECO offers tailored solutions from our large product portfolio helping you produce high quality cement.


See below selected applications for some of our instruments. Contact us for more detailed information.




• Gross calorific value in fuels and alternative fuels
• Calorific value of environmental samples


CHNS Elemental Analyzer

• C, H, N and S in Coal, Coke
• C, H, N and S in alternative fuels
• C, H, N and S in liquid fuels
• C, H, N and S in environmental samples

Sulfur and Carbon Analysis by Combustion


Sulfur/Carbon Analyzer

• CO2 /SO3 in cement, clinker, raw meal, limestone, lime etc.
• C/S in solid fuels (coal, coke, waste materials)
• C/S in liquid fuels (oil, waste materials…)
• C/S in environmental samples


Carbon/Water Phase Analyser

• TOC/TIC/EC content of limestones, raw materials
• CO /Water content of cement/clinker
• Quick test of LOI by Water/CO1 testing
• Moisture, water, carbon in burnt and slaked lime
• CO2 /Carbonate Content in Lime
• Crystalline Water in Clinker
• H2O-Phases/Lime/Gypsum
• CO2 Phases in cement


Macro Thermogravimetry (macro TGA)

• Loss on Ignition (LOI) in Fly Ash, Coal Fly Ash and Portland cement
• Two-Step Loss-on-Ignition (LOI) on Cement
• Moisture, Volatiles, Ash & Fixed Carbon in Coal
• Moisture, Volatiles, Ash in alternative fuels
• Hydration forms of Gypsum
• Moisture/Crystalline water in lime


HF Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

• Fast determination of CO2 /SO3 in cement, clinker and other cement products
• SO3 in gypsum

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