Direct Inlet Probe (DIP) with HighRes TOFMS

DIP probe for HR TOFMS

High-resolution mass spectrometry without chromatographic separation

The direct probe technique is a well established, fast and convenient method to analyze solid and liquid samples using mass spectrometry without preceding chromatographic separation or treatment. This add-on accessory is now available for LECO High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer.

DIP-HR TOFMS hardware combination is well suited for fast screening and quality identification of unknown analytes, molecular weight determination and analysis of substances in complex matrices.
Direct insertion probe provides full benefits of HighRes TOFMS analysis : high resolution data, accurate mass information and accurate determination of isotope ratios.

DIP Features and Benefits

  • Convenient add-on installation of DIP system without removal of the GC-HRT interface
  • Automatic insertion of the sample into the high vacuum of the ion source
  • Temperature programmed push rod heating
  • Flexible control of sample vaporization by multi-step temperature program via DIP software
  • Data acquisition and evaluation of the spectra by powerful LECO ChromaTOF-HRT® software
  • Enhancement of LECO Pegasus® GC-HRT versatility by fast switching between GC/MS and DIP/MS mode

The Pegasus® GC-HRT provides the ultimate high-performance MS capabilities, such as mass resolution of 50,000 FWHM and mass accuracies less than 1 ppm.