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Total Protein Analysis

Get full benefit of the Dumas combustion method with LECO technology

Quick and easy determination of total nitrogen/crude protein content by combustion. Cost-effective alternative to Kjeldahl digestion methods.

  • Rapid analysis times (3-5 minutes)
  • Pure oxygen combustion, without requiring additional metal oxidising reagents
  • Huge sample type flexibility: solids, liquids, bulky, low density
  • Single method for most matrices
  • Easy and Convenient Sample Handling
  • Rugged design : high throughput with minimal maintenance
  • Extended reagent lifetimes ensure a low cost-per-analysis
  • User-friendly software with results management and data export
  • Wide dynamic range linear calibration with drift correction
  • Compliance with approved methods: ISO, EN, DIN, AOAC, AACC…

FP628 - Versatile for all purposes

LECO FP628 Nitrogen / Protein

Compact analyser with ability to handle sample mass to 1 gram of solids and up to 1ml of liquids

  • 14-17 samples/hour performance
  • ppm level accuracy
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Extended reagent lifetimes and instrument uptime


TruMac N - Best value for high workload

LECO Trumac Nitrogen / Protein

This instrument is deal for heterogeneous, difficult to prepare, or low-level nitrogen samples

  • No or little sample preparation
  • Full automation of analysis cycle
  • Sample mass up to 3 grams
  • Lowest cost per analysis
  • Ideal for heterogeneous, difficult to prepare, or low-level nitrogen samples


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