News: LECO launches the New Pegasus® BT

12-09-2016 • Separation Science Mass Spectrometry

LECO Corporation is pleased to announce their latest innovation for the GC-MS marketplace—the Pegasus® BT.
The Pegasus BT gives users all of the data they could ever need from a single sample run with an innovative new TOF-MS platform. Unique and powerful software and hardware features simplify quantitation, while also identifying more components with dramatically increased sensitivity. The StayClean™ ion source eliminates the need for source cleaning, while a convenient benchtop design saves valuable space in the laboratory.
The Pegasus BT GC_TOFMS will give users more uptime, and improved, richer chemical data, yielding an increase in overall laboratory productivity and efficiency comparing with conventional quadruple GC-MS.
Pegasus BT

Enhanced Sensitivity

Find and quantify an unlimited number of analytes—in every run, every time. No need for multiple injections to gather all sample information.

StayClean™ Ion Source

Virtually eliminates the need for ion source cleaning. Means you can spend time running more samples, increasing the productivity of your laboratory.

NonTarget Deconvolution™ (NTD™)

Automated spectral deconvolution algorithms ensure that coeluting peaks and matrix interferences do not stand in the way of your analyses.

ChromaTOF software

Fully enhanced, seamless data acquisition and processing software package with industry-leading data processing algorithms, removing the guesswork involved with analyte identification and quantification.