Pegasus BT Demo Roadshow

Featured Product Demonstration !

Novel Pegasus BT

The latest LECO innovation for the GC-MS marketplace will be touring the UK and Ireland this year.

1 Hour Demos

Short, personalized demonstrations of Pegasus BT power, sensitivity, and usability will be given to small groups. Just one hour of your time will be sufficient to get an overview of the performance and features.
Each group will be shown the instrument and given a hands-on guide through the software including application cases based on real sample analysis to get a deeper insight on the Pegasus BT hardware and latest version of ChromaTOF software.
Additional opportunities to explore the software first hand will also be available using workstations in the facility.

Who should attend?

This demo is intended for lab managers looking to expand their laboratory or upgrade or replace a single quad GCMS, laboratory chemists involved in separation science, mass spectrometrists, for new and advanced GC operators from industrial and testing laboratories, academia and University researchers working in the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, flavour / fragrance, environmental, biology, food safety fields, and those interested in boosting the power of their GC methods.

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Tuesday, 27th June, 2017 in Hazel Grove, south of Manchester

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Wednesday, 5th July, 2017 in Maynooth near Dublin, Ireland

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Future Roadshow Demos in 2017

More demonstrations are being organised around the UK and Ireland in 2017 – to be announced soon. Register now to get ahead of the queue by phone, e-mail or contact us via the link to the right.

Jack Cochran Testimonial Video

Renowned environmental analysis expert Jack Cochran shares his thoughts on the Pegasus BT’s analysis capabilities after a week of pesticide sample testing.

LECO Pegasus® BT – Smart on Data. Smart on Size. Smart on Price.

The latest innovation for the GC-MS marketplace – the LECO Pegasus® BT – enhances your analysis like never before. This novel benchtop GC-TOFMS mass spectrometer gives you more uptime, and improved, richer chemical data, yielding an increase in overall laboratory productivity and efficiency comparing with conventional quadruple GC-MS. Get more information

  • StayClean™ source

StayClean™ Ion Source virtually eliminates the need for ion source cleaning. You can spend time running more samples, increasing the productivity of your laboratory.

  • Femtogram Sensitivity

No need for SIM or MS/MS to get the sensitivity you need.

  • Target and Non-target deconvolution

Powerful automated deconvolution algorithms ensure that coeluting peaks and matrix interferences do not stand in the way of your analyses.

  • Large dynamic range (5 orders)

Find and quantify an unlimited number of analytes—in every run, every time. No need for multiple injections to gather all sample information.

  • Intuitive clear-cut software

ChromaTOF® brand software is fully integrated single platform for instrument control, data acquisition and industry-leading data processing algorithms, removing the guesswork involved with analyte identification and quantification.

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