Pegasus® BT ! Discovery of Sulfur-Containing Compounds in Broccoli with GC-TOFMS

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Category: Aroma Flavour Fragrance, Separation Science Mass Spectrometry

The Pegasus® BT rapidly provided information on these analytes in order to determine those that were sample-distinguishing. ChromaTOF brand software’s automated data analysis tools and peak property filters were used to specifically focus on sulfur-containing compounds. GC-TOFMS let you uncover more than in your standard analysis. Ref. 203-821-531

Here, we characterize and differentiate a raw broccoli sample and a broccoli sample that was processed to be sold frozen. Understanding the differences between these samples may help to understand the changes that occur during processing. Information on the volatile and semi-volatile analytes is often of interest because of their important contributions to taste, odor, and sometimes nutrition. Ref. 203-821-531