Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Flour

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Category: Analytical Elemental analysis, Food and Beverage

Total protein content in Corn Flour, Wheat Flour, Rye Flour and Rice Flour by LECO TruMac N with helium and argon carrier gases, and reduced test time.

The accurate and precise determination of protein not only plays a role in the characterization of nutritional or dietary value in flours, but is also the key to determining the category or quality of the flour. The LECO TruMac N is a macro combustion nitrogen/ protein analyzer that utilizes a pure oxygen environment in a ceramic horizontal furnace and large ceramic boats for the macro sample combustion process. This application note demonstrates data on the same samples of different flour tested with argon and helium carrier gases with reduced test time. Results are very accurate and precise. All tests are done based on single standard calibration using 0.75 g EDTA. Ref: 203-821-505