Unambiguous Pesticide Identification in Cigarette Tobacco

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Category: Environmental, Food Safety, Metabolomics, Separation Science Mass Spectrometry

Confidently identify target analytes and also maintain the ability to screen for other components such as additives and natural ingredients. Ref: 203-821-478

A wide variety of pesticides are used extensively on tobacco crops (37 pesticides approved by the USEPA are used regularly on tobacco crops).  The task faced by analysts is to confidently identify pesticide residues in cigarette tobacco, which a very challenging matrix, with limited sample cleanup following the QuEChERS protocol.  This application note highlights the enormous benefit of employing Pegasus® GC-HRT with 50,000 resolution for minimising the risk of false positives and false negatives by separating ions that have the same nominal mass from one another.  An example in here is the case of the molecular ion of cyanazine and the fragment ion of metolachlor that are clearly resolved with mass accuracies of 0.083 ppm and 0.30 ppm respectively.