Comprehensive characterization of green leaf tobacco extracts using GC-HRT

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Category: Metabolomics, Separation Science Mass Spectrometry

The Pegasus® GC-HRT is a tool which provides a solution to one of the key challenges in metabolomic studies… confident identification of metabolites. Ref: 203-821-481

Understanding the chemical complexity responsible for the flavour profile and health risks of tobacco is essential. Alkaloids, organic acids, amino acids, saccharides, terpenes, terpenoids, sterols, and volatile aromatics are just some of the important compound classes in tobacco that need to be profiled. A critical step, and often a bottleneck, in any profiling experiment is confident identification of metabolites. Using a non-targeted Pegasus® GC-HRT approach highlights the power of High Resolution Time-of-Flight MS (HRT) which provides an extra level of confidence for challenging plant extract characterization studies. This application note describes how a superior level of confidence and compound identification can be achieved through formula searches of accurate mass ions in complementary EI and CI-HRT data. Ref: 203-821-481