Complementary LC- and GC- mass spectrometry techniques provide broader coverage of the metabolome.

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Category: Metabolomics, Separation Science Mass Spectrometry

Cross-platform metabolomics data analysis combining AB Sciex LC/MS, LECO GC/MS and Genedata Software. Ref: 203-821-482

Metabolomics researchers often need to use both GC-MS and LC-MS technologies to provide a comprehensive coverage of the analytes in biological systems. Using a well-established rat model for diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease effects, we highlight the exceptional value provided by using both high resolution GC-MS and LC-MS analyses for untargeted metabolomics in an integrated workflow. This application note describes a successful workflow that combines High Resolution Accurate Mass LC-MS and GC-MS data with Genedata software. Bringing the LC-MS data from the AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600+ system together with the GC-MS data from the LECO Pegasus GC-MS system with the powerful Genedata Expressionist software provides a broader coverage of analytes for global metabolomics studies. Ref: 203-821-482