New Pegasus® BT! ASTM D5769: A Solution for Determination of High-Concentration Aromatic Compounds in Finished Gasoline

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Category: Chemical & Petrochemical, Separation Science Mass Spectrometry

LECO’s Pegasus BT GC-TOFMS a benchtop time-of-flight mass spectrometer easily satisfies the method requirements for sensitivity, ion ratios, and calibration linearity, providing a robust solution for analysis of the aromatic compounds, without saturation of the ion source. Ref. 203-821-518

ASTM D5769 is a widely accepted standard method in the petroleum industry for the determination of benzene, toluene, and total aromatics in finished gasoline by GC-MS. A common difficulty encountered with this method is the concern with saturation of the ion source, which leads to non-linearity in calibration curves, especially for the quantification of high-concentration aromatics, such as toluene. Ref. 203-821-518