Natural and herbal medicine

Botanical or herbal medicine uses natural products for medicinal purposes.  Sophisticated clinical research along with improvements in analytical performance is advancing the value of herbal medicine in the treatment and prevention of disease.   LECO TOFMS instruments offer advanced chromatographic peak separation and powerful mass spectral performance to unravel the complexities found in nature.  Delivering exceptional peak capacity the LECO GCxGC solution empowers analysts to discover and identify unknown metabolites.  Characterising natural remedies today by using LECO mass spectrometry has never been more efficient, productive and enlightening.


Pharmaceutical materials screening

LECO’s revolutionary and unique High Resolution TOFMS mass spectrometers are powerful analytical tools for the structural characterization of a number of small organic molecules (and their associated impurities) used in synthesis of pharmaceuticals. This type of activity is required for impurity tracking studies. The identity of the impurities is required to understand their fate and potential impact on the later stages of synthesis of a target drug molecule. LECO mass spectrometers offering mass spectral resolution with exceptional high mass accuracy without compromise to mass range, speed of analysis or sensitivity are used to characterize the main component and impurities in pharmaceutical materials


Drugs development

Efficient, effective and economical research development plans along with drug discovery strategies means having a business model that ‘does more with less’ today.  LECO TOF mass spectrometers offer information rich data generation enabling superior speed of analysis and proficient method development strategies.  R&D analysts need powerful high resolution, high mass accuracy and high speed of analysis for making critical high quality decisions.  Industry savvy scientists use LECO separation science solutions to increase productivity and performance without compromise.


Academic research

Expert and cutting edge academic researchers demand high quality performance with exceptional reliability to push the analytical boundaries expanding our knowledge and understanding.  LECO provides academic scientists with superior chromatographic peak capacity, sophisticated time of flight mass spectrometry and comprehensive software tools in a logical yet advanced total solution.  Research Scientists globally use LECO GCxGC-TOFMS & GC-HR-TOFMS technologies for extraterrestrial, planetary and origin of life investigations to metabolite identification (Met-ID), chirality of food experiments, aerosol and environmental analysis and much more.  LECO comprehensive software and instrument platforms empower academic scientists to expanding their analytical horizons using the most exceptional Separation Science tools available today.

Academic Research