Fuels and biofuels composition profiling

Biofuels are an increasingly popular source of energy produced from several sources including vegetable oils, animal fats, and recycled greases. Characterisation of biofuels using LECO’s Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOFMS allows analysts to identify hundreds to thousands of compounds in these extremely complex mixtures. Analysts gain effective and efficient compound separations with ease when using LECO’s GCxGC solutions that deliver ultra high chromatographic resolving power with increased peak capacity. When your analysts need powerful profiling strategies with ease of use in a seamless comprehensive package, they need LECO’s outstanding GCxGC solutions.


Petroleomics – Crude oil assay

Crude oils are highly complex mixtures and typically contain thousands of compounds which can prove problematic for mass spectral analysis. LECO has designed and engineered gas chromatography with mass spectrometers that employ ultra-high resolving power with high mass accuracy that are ideally suited for petroleum-related research. Petroleomic investigations using LECO TOFMS allow crude oils, crude oil extracts, aliphatic, aromatic, heterocyclic compound containing fuels to be analysed using both CI soft ionization strategies or traditional EI ionization. Analysts using LECO solutions now benefit from ultra high resolution and TOFMS broad mass analysis ranges that greatly facilitate characterization of petroleum samples along with sulphur and nitrogen containing species that cause emission problems during combustion.


Chemical analysis

The challenges faced by world leading chemical analysis laboratories often means they require specialised and high-end analytical services based on chromatographic and mass spectral technology. LECO’s Separation Science instrument solutions enable chemical laboratories to support their analytical services in the areas of environmental testing programs, oil fingerprinting and forensic science investigations plus the flexibility to answer the demands of Life Sciences, pharmaceutical analysis and bioanalysis drug development programs. Increase analytical performance and reduce the burden of sample preparation with minimal maintenance mass spectrometers with LECO TOFMS and comprehensive GCxGC tools.