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Over the past 75 years, customers around the world have trusted LECO to provide analytical solutions for a variety of applications and markets, including mined materials and metals, environment and agriculture, energy and fuels, foods and beverages, and life sciences (pharmaceuticals, metabolomics, forensic science/toxicology, and flavor/fragrance analysis).

News & Events

  • 11-03-2015News

    LECO 832 series redefines the way you determine sulfur and carbon

    LECO is pleased to introduce the new 832 series

  • 11-12-2014News

    New application note: Carbon and Sulfur in Lime

    The amount of carbon present in lime is used as an aspect of quality control; in turn sulfur is an unwanted contaminant. Our CS744 system is used throughout the lime industry to quickly and simultaneously identify the levels of carbon and sulfur in their production process. This application note details how to determine these levels in a lime sample; outlining sample preparation, the element and method parameters, accessories, and procedures to effectively analyze the lime sample.

  • 11-12-2014News

    New application note: Carbon in Mold Powder

    The LECO C744 elemental analyzer can determine the amount of carbon in mold powder, which is normally used during the steel production process. The following application note highlights the system parameters, steps to set up the analysis, sample preparation, and the procedure when analyzing mold powders.

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